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Sculpture cover



Wataru Hamasaka

The Shadow of Sun/Mirror (Helios/Narkissos: 3440 N.L. at t
Approximately H2,000~2,400/W1,000/D10~2,000mm4
Marble, Fiberglass, Metal, Acrylic, Fiber, Mirror, Polyester, Resin, Carbon Fiber

Weight: approximately 13,000kg
Exhibition: 6th Hamamatsu open air Art Exhibition/ Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture -Nakatajima Dune
Collection : Collection of the Artist
Photographing Place: Hamamatsu city, Shizuoka prefecture - Nakatajima Dune.
Photo/ copyright: Kyu, Yamamoto

The installation of Helios/Narkissos or the shadow of Sun/Mirror

Helios/Narkissos: 3440N.L. at the dune is installed in Nakatajima Dune,where the exhibition took place.

The bearing angles of the sunrise and sunset are measured during the period of the exhibition according to a circular cone on the beach. The transparent acrylic plate which functions as a cover (its width being defined by the transition of sunrise) is installed according to the bearing angles of the sunrise,and the opaque processed tempered synthetic resin plate is installed according to the bearing angles of the sunset.

Furthermore a mirror plate is installed to reflect the circular cone when the sun is southing. The sand around the circular cone is eroded by waves and a pool is formed at full tide.