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Sculpture cover



Wataru Hamasaka

Spiral Park: Proposal of Water Flow Art Zone
approximately H300/W2,400/D1,200mm
Marble, Aluminum, Granite

Weight : approximately 150kg
Exhibition : Environmental Art Gran Prix Exhibition'91, Prize of Excellence selected for competition
Collection : Chokoku-no-mori Co.,Ltd/Environmental Art Research Institute
Photographing Place: Artist's Studio/ Photo: copyright :Atsumasa, Terada

Series of Environment Project

The proposal of Water Flow Art Zone "Spiral Park: Tomoe Park" is based upon the image of the sculpture Curved Water Stones II ,which was inspired by the Greek natural philosophy ( Anaximander Whirlpool Process), and then developed into the restoration project of riverside.

The project takes place in the basin of the Ohba River which runs through the east of Mishima city in Shizuoka prefecture. In 1990, this city has suffered a severe flood in which many houses were lost and bridges were damaged.

From the beginning of this project, open air sculptures and contemporary environmental art were taken into consideration as well as the impoundment of the river.