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Sculpture cover


Linda Covit

Circle of Words, Garden of Thought
bench- 16'x 60' x 5'/41 x 1828 x 152 cm; boulders variable;
Granite, Stone, Light, Brushed Aluminium, Boulders, Indiana Limestone, Birch Trees

Driftwood Community Centre, Toronto, Ontario This commission by the City of Toronto (Canada) creates an outdoors meeting place on the grounds of a community centre. The wide stone bench traces a sixty foot long arc, its circular movement reinforced by a stand of light columns and an arc of birch trees. Narrow lengths of granite, alternating with wide bands of cemented river stones, form a footpath into the circle. Small boulders engraved with words - such as heritage, trust, friendship, gathering - are scattered within this circle, and extend outwards through the adjacent wooded grounds.