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Sculpture cover


Beth King

Mar 1996
8"H x 12"W x 12"D
Mixed Media, Glass

Slumped Glass, Steel Cable

Like Thrust, Pull is secured to the wall solely by tightening the cables. The phenomenal strength of bent glass is dramatically demonstrated in this sculpture.

To make this shape I bent the glass twice, first to obtain a short and a long side, then to bend the long side in half The second time, to prevent all but one half of the long side from bending again, I encased most of the glass inside the mold. This meant I had to raise and lower the oven temperature more slowly than usual to make sure the glass did not break.

This sculpture, as an installation of four boxes, is in the collection of Rick and Judy Conne in Madison, Wisconsin.

The box shown here is now part of my Compression series. The glass is inside an elastic fabric tube, and the ends of the tube are attached to the wall, holding the glass in place in much the same way as do the cables. Called Crossover, it is available for sale.