International Sculpture Center
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Sculpture cover


Rob Fisher Sculpture, LLC

8'W x 10H
Stainless Steel, Light, Stained Glass

"Declaration" is an interpretation of the document that formed the basis for our country's values and goals.It utilizes light to convey the sanctity and fragile beauty of the object itself.The text from the original Declaration of Independence is sandblasted into the surface of special flow glass that is rendered like 1750s parchment.The artwork is divided into thirteen segments that refer to the original colonies.The horizontal divisions are straight lines while the vertical divisions flow like rivers through the text, much like early maps of the United States.The stained glass artwork is mounted in a powerful stainless steel case that presents the glass floating in front of a translucent surface. Winner Public Art Competition, Philadelphia International Airport Arrivals Hall Client: Department of Aviation, US Airways, City of Philadelphia % for Arts