International Sculpture Center
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Sculpture cover


BJ Katz

Ideas Create Reality
11 x 88

American College Testing Headquarters Iowa City, IA. Cast-glass sculptural curtain wall with fused dichroic ribbons. Randy Schmitgen, the senior interior designer at Flad & Associates in Madison, WI, and Tom Struve, the Vice President of the ACT group, commissioned these monumental cast glass panels with color shifting ribbons of dichroic glass for an interior curtain wall. This custom compositional texture references a flowing magical river evocative of the natural terrain of Iowa and a metaphor for the flow of ideas and consciousness. ACT wanted a functional work of art in the cafeteria of their new 40 million dollar conference center to cordon off the servery when it is not open. This project enlivens the conference center, constantly reflecting the changes in ambient light. Architect & Interior Designer; Flad & Associates Architects, Madison, WI. Glass Fabrication; Meltdown Glass Art & Design