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Sculpture cover


Bob Turan

Inside the Vee
4' x 3' x 1'

Using recycled materials, found objects and steel scrap, this work was designed to be just a little bit “off center”. The fabrication was begun with a more symmetrical approach, but as I worked the steel, I began to incorporate playful changes in angles and space. The top of the form is “pierced” in several planes by “holes” at different angles to the surface. The base has been opened to show the “inner workings” of the Vee. As the viewer walks around the work, light and shadow reveal the unexpected. It is not often that one can see what is really inside one of these contraptions. The construction is steel sheet, steel pipe, transmission gears and found objects. It was designed to weather and rust … a further statement as it deconstructs itself and develops the rich patinas that are characteristic of weathered materials.