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Sculpture cover


Jane Jaskevich

16" x 14" x 7"
Mixed Media

Chloride Stone/VA Steatite/Found Objects 16"x14"x7" This piece is about history; the history of man, of stone sculpture and of the act of creation. Warrior is part Greek/part modern man. His Greek face is left partly unfinished. The neck, reminiscent of a Roman gladiator, is made of a car part that has a magnet in it. A spear (carving chisel) is attached there. The raw stone on the body acts as his shield. Parts of the polished male body appear partially hidden by the rocky stone. The x mark on the front, suggestive of a shield motif, was made at the quarry with a diamond blade. Parts are left file finished or in their raw state. The sculpting process is evident.