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Sculpture cover



Elizabeth Miller McCue

Haystacks in the Field, No. 2
(1) 84 x 100 x 100; (2) 60 x 71 x 71
Bronze w/Patina

Permanent public art commission for Sculpture at Cherokee, Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia, PA, on 1/2 acre site. The image featured is the large stack, 84 x 100 x 100. Haystacks in the Field, No. 2 is my largest commission to date. The Haystacks in the Field series are sculptural compositions inspired by Monet's paintings of haystacks. As an image the haystack bears many levels of meaning. It is a haystack, an image from the landscape. It is a house, a magical abode in the field. It is observed nature, transformed, humanized. With its multicolored patina, the bronze haystacks seek to capture the Impressionist play of light and color of Monet's haystacks painted at various times of day and year.