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Ralfonso Gschwend

Moving on UP - kinetic wind sculpture by Ralfonso
5m or 15 ft
Stainless Steel, Fiberglass

Moving On UP Outdoor, monumental wind-driven kinetic sculpture for public places. GENERAL OVERVIEW #1 ART IN MOTION EXHIBITION, Netherlands - 5m (15ft) #1 Permanently installed in St. Petersburg, Russia - 5m (15ft) #2 Geneva, Switzerland - 5m (15ft) - Private Collection PHILOSOPHY: “MOVING ON UP” is a monumental sculpture, about the soaring celebration of life, possibility and the desire to explore new boundaries! Its swirling form, as it turns on its rotating platform, not only conveys a sense of dynamic motion, but also of time passing. Its constantly shifting aspect views reflect our ever-changing perception of the reality around us.