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Sculpture cover


Dusty Folwarczny

8’1” x 5'8" x 7'2"

The Wikipedia definition of cutoff in theoretical physics is the maximal or minimal value of energy, momentum, or length, so that the objects with even larger or smaller values than these physical quantities are ignored. The title of this piece, Cutoff, is a play on this definition. I have chosen four unique pieces of steel plate. The pieces are cut from a steel plate coil’s head or tail after being used to flatten the coil. The cut piece of steel has served its purpose and now makes its way to the scrap pile – usually to be ignored. This is where I found it to give it a new purpose. Part of the beauty of this piece is the evidence that the steel plate was molten liquid at one time. I am intrigued by the purpose or lack of purpose the scrap metal I find has had. Just as a person’s stories can interest you, so does a piece of steel for me. I picture the pieces within my sculpture exchanging stories of their life.