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Sculpture cover


t. a. hahn

Cedar Waxwing
49 width x 92.25 height x 8 depth
Fabric, Paint, Oil, Canvas, Cedarwood, LED lighting

The Cedar Waxwing is simply a beautiful bird, with many colors and gradients making a very special design statement. This bird is the inspiration for this series, and I humbly hope this work does justice to the Cedar Waxwing. Cedar Waxing is the first completed piece of this series standing just under eight feet tall, comprised of a 3 x 5 oil painting perched on a base of cedar and lace woods with a subtle glow of light from under the base. the back of the canvas has 1/8 thin plexiglass wrapped in black micro fabric, which allows Cedar Waxwing to be displayed in the center of a room, vs the limitation of near a wall. oil on canvas (36h x 60 w), cedar and lace woods, norcross pine (painted black), amber LED lighting