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Sculpture cover


t. a. hahn

Red Winged Blackbird
52” width x 87” height x 36” depth
Paint, Walnut, Oil, Birch Trees, Driftwood

The Red Winged Blackbirds fly over our back yard and land on the top of the reeds in the pond behind our home. The striking reds, yellows and whites on the tops of their black wings and bodies are amazing to see ­­when they are in full flight. This piece represents their flight and landing. Three tree trunks stand in a pond, represented by a slab of walnut. The two floater canvases have 45° canvas stretchers, are painted identically and mounted back to back. There is an aluminum tube in the middle, which the unit slides onto a steel rod inserted into the top of the middle tree trunk. Red LED lighting glows from underneath the base. two oil on canvases (floater-canvases, 10”h x 30” w), walnut slab, three tree trunks, steel bolts and rod, aluminum tubing, red LED lighting