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Sculpture cover


Deedee Morrison

April Charms
Aluminum, Lexan with Interior Light
8' x 7' x 7'

A simple explanation of April Charms would be the idea of contrast -two very different things that are inter-related. Contrasts that are not contradictory, but rather complementary are especially intriguing to me. Symbols, such as unevenly balanced objects joined by chains, causes viewers to inwardly ask the question, "What am I bound to?" Long forgotten memories of childhood activities or as monumental as a painful life tragedy, these things bind us and are a significant component of who we are. The relationship between mother and child, siblings and couples and the communities we live in and are bound to. The varied and dynamic events, places, people, and things that have touched us inform our future choices, commitments, habits, and journeys. As I convey this sense of destiny in my work, the final product allows viewers the opportunity to contemplate personal obligations, histories, and potentials.