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Sculpture cover


Steve Brudniak

Noumenon Objectifying in Four Parts
48"w x19"h x 6"d
3-D Wall Art, Assemblage

Assemblage with emanating reflection optical lens. I developed this lens for the Noumenon pieces by accident while looking for a way to emulate the effect of endless darkness. Bright reflections will appear to come out of the lens as if floating just in front of the glass. The concept of Noumenon as the ultimate Source of all things is paralleled in the Buddhist tradition in the Tao and within the Hindu and Judeo/Christian religions as Brahman and God respectively. When the resting pure Awareness of this Source becomes active thru the object/subject conceptualization of a living being, as commonly through the thoughts and actions of humans, then a new entity believing itself separate from the Source is activated called the ego. This tentacle out of nothing has come out to feel around, to play, what the Hindu call Maya, the game of the Universal Mind, and what the Buddhists call suffering. In the search to find itself again and having separated itself into subject and object, various names and shapes are assigned this place it must return to. From here we derive the variety of Gods and deities that rule the imaginary world.