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Sculpture cover



Elizabeth Miller McCue

Holocaust Memorial for the Lower Merion Synagogue, PA

1" = 1'; 1" x 25" x 16"
Bronze w/Patina

Although approved by the Committee, the decision to proceed with this project has been postponed due to the economic downturn. The design features a central relief panel with six handprints representing the six million, rising from lower to higher, of a male, female and child in that order. The handprints of the male and female were to be cast from two Holocaust survivors who are members of the Synagogue. Visitors will be able to touch the imprints of this panel intended to replicate the tactility of the Wailing Wall. The past is brought forward into the present, to be shared and experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually. The red LED lighting system further honors the six million 6 in front and 6 in back and is intended to symbolize gas flames. There is life after such horror. The linear side sections of jail bars / stockade cars have branches and leaves culminating in abundant foliage at the top. A dove symbolizes hope and life re-born.