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Sculpture cover


Peter Michel

Community As Family
6"-7" h x 6'-0" in diameter
Painted Aluminum

Installed at the Beauchamp Branch Library in the Southside neighborhood of Syracuse, NY. Imagine a community that was functioning as a healthy family - where each individual was encouraged to be fully self expressed and to be the best that they could be, where each member was looking out for other family members with encouragement and support, where the entire family worked as one to create a nurturing and fulfilling life for all. What a joy that would be. This sculpture is intended to be a playful symbol for just such a community. The varied color and form of the figures symbolize the diverse make up of the community. The rainbow colors are a symbol of an inclusive community. The Circle represents the unity and the unified voice of a community coming together to create this place that nurtures everyone and that everyone can be proud of.