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Sculpture cover


Walter Wetter

Le Silo
D:250cm H:850cm

Sculpture/Performance project “le Silo” “Le silo” is an unused iron silo, originally used as a feed silo for animals that has been converted into an interactive pyrotechnic sculpture. Eight propane jets fire horizontally around the silo sending flames into the night sky. A programmed control unit monitors all activity. The silo is accessible from the outside during the performance; making it possible to stand on the ground right next to the silo. Propane flames are activated at a height of 6 meters. In addition, the silo is powered with LED lighting and operated through multitouch-screens. An art themed video is projected on the outer casing of the silo and a DJ is involved during the performance and sonicate the silo interior. Fire, acoustic, lighting and video are the main elements of our art project "le silo”. With this project we want to create artistic connections, connections of disused industrial culture, to performance art, to visual perception and also to auditory perception. This whole mixture will be formed in a former feed silo, which is converted by us to an active sculpture, but in the inactive state, it remains a traditional silo.