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Sculpture cover


Gill Gatfield

10 ft H x 5 3/4 ft W x 42 in.

Composition of 2 elements: black granite, white glacier stone aggregate, overall dims: 10 ft H x 66 ft W x 20 ft D. National Public Art Sculpture Competition 2010 Winner, Site Specific Permanent Commission - Smales Farm Station, Auckland NZ. Located at the edge of a volcanic lava flow, beside a bustling city transport station, the vertical black granite monolith dissects a horizontal white glacier stone platform. As light shifts and people move through the space, the sculptural composition comes to life. A shadow of the black cut-out on the white ground fuses the vertical and horizontal planes. People are framed in the portrait cut-out and cast in shadow on the white substrate. Movement of buses, trees and sky are reflected in the seamless mirror-polish stone. Twice as high as wide and twice the volume of solid form to that of framed space, the composition reproduces endlessly when its own shadow on the white ground is reflected in the black stone.