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Sculpture cover


Gill Gatfield

The Pleasure Garden
1.25'H x 1.5'W x 0.13'D

grass, board, frame Exhibited: Gatfield, En Plein Air, Centre of Contemporary Art, Christchurch 2009. The Pleasure Garden, with its gilt framed live lawn requiring water and attention, refers to notions of innovation, provenance and value, making direct reference to a 1932 watercolour of the same name by expatriate Cantabrian painter, Frances Hodgkins. After Hodgkins death, the forerunner of the Christchurch Art Gallery declined to purchase The Pleasure Garden on the grounds it was too modern or too childish, despite Hodgkins’ reputation in Europe as a painter of note. A state of isolation and shifting cultural contexts are given contemporary expression in a modernist painting ‘en plein air’.