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Sculpture cover



Robin Antar

D Knot # 2
17"h X 40"w X 15"d

My abstract work is a reflection of my experiences combined with emotion. Each abstract creation is one of a kind, and has a unique significance, which emanates an essence and an aura of its own. The life-like creations from stone, chiseled meticulously to perfection, form a visual extravaganza as well as an intellectual playground of wonderment. Each time you look at apiece, you see something different, allowing you to draw in its beauty through your individual perspective. The true beauty of abstract art is not just what appears to the naked eye, but what lies beneath the surface. This abstract sculpture was done to express the feelings I had while my youngest son was struggling with drug addition, thank g-d he is now 2.5 yrs clean and doing great. This modern sculpture was carved out of a solid piece of yule marble, a very hard stone. The original piece was about 400 pounds.