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Sculpture cover


Basil Colin Frank

'Josephine the flying machine'or
Height 4.25x1.56x 1.10meters (H13x5.11x3.60feet)
Mixed Media

Material: Mixed Media -Stainless steel sheets, highly polished brass sheets,cast iron rods,fiberglass,paint. Built and conceived without a marquette or scale model or drawings following the dictates ,flow of the material without a marquette or scale model or drawings;began with a spiral and pedestal concept chained to the base that would hold the form of a woman 4.25 m above. As the object ascended I came to realization in the process that the work embodied ,elements male and female form almost an hermaphrodite. I covered the skeletal structure with a stainless steel and brass skin leaving areas open that emanated, signify biological form. The chains on base once chained the sculpture to its peak were released with the action of my disc grinder, an emancipation of form that began to dance and fly