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Sculpture cover


Travis Townsend

Thing for R
33 x 65 x 44 inches

I consistently, and perhaps obsessively, sketch abstract shapes, dead little birdies, and designs for contraptions. I formulate these into ideas for objects, often on odd scraps of household paper. Sometimes these doodles evolve into finished works, and other times they merely serve to document an idea. Sketches pervasively accumulate in my office, at home, and in the studio, and inform, but don't necessarily dictate, my making. Many also find their way into the interior spaces and onto the surfaces of my objects. Clamping pieces of wood together impermanently, I am able to look at the overall composition and then decide on changes. I might shorten boards or stack together a variety of linear parts to three-dimensionally draw out objects. This process of sculpting is similar to sketching, and like a worked-over, much erased sketch, the completed sculptures have linear elements that vary in intensity, gesture, and movement. I consider each piece of material to be a small component to the whole, like marks making up a drawing.