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Sculpture cover


t. a. hahn

Trinity Dove
5.5 width x 7 height x 6.5 depth . 275 lbs.
Paint, Walnut, Mahogany, Oil, Poplar

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the main inspiration for this piece, with the Dove being the obvious religious choice for the bird species. The name Dove is purposefully singular for the Three are one in the same. The concept sketch for this piece came together in moment without even thinking about it. Implementing the build took a little longer. Three flitch-matched, 8/4 thick, black walnut slabs proudly and definitively stand at 120 from each other, completing their circle. Father stands in front and in the middle, and as you guessed, the Son is at His right side. We discovered these slabs at the mill when they still had the patina from aging and being unfinished, and in preparing the wood we enjoyed the serendipitous find in the shape of a Spirit in the grain on one of the slabs. A clear sign which unit that was going to be! The oil on gesso boards, which hang flush to the slabs, are painted to resemble the Mourning Dove, White Dove, and a very colorful Dove (a web-found photo of one very beautifully colored Dove was sent to me by my wife, but my research has yet to find the specific species). For the latter Dove, the name Sarayu comes to mind. Poplar bases and mahogany connectors form the triangle (ok, trinity here) base. As can be seen, this would take up more than a room, so we had to shoot this outside. oil on gessobords (4x12.125; 5x15.25; 6x18 with 0.75 cradles), 3 flitch-matched slabs of black walnut (8/4 thick), poplar and mahogany base