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Sculpture cover


t. a. hahn

American Kestrel
12.5” width x 15.5” height x 2” depth
Paint, 3-D Wall Art, Oil, Poplar

The art director/designer in me has to come out sometime, and the straight forward geometric design has an interesting contrast to the flowing lines representing the American Kestrel. I want to say the poplar pieces are either ‘found art’ or recycled – serendipitous in a sense that with playing with remnants from another piece, this just flew together. The colors of the oil on gessobord are somewhat different than the other pieces in this series, however they are still consistent with the precedence that they are influenced by a specific species of bird, and a magnificent one at that. oil on gessobord (6”w x 8” w), biscuit joined to 2 triangles of poplar, wall relief