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Harry McDaniel

Deco Gecko

$10,000 commission; City of Asheville Pritchard Park; Asheville, NC In developing a sculpture design for Pritchard Park, my first concerns revolved around matching the design to the site. I considered scale, color, and surrounding architecture. I decided to incorporate Art Deco elements into my design in reference to the many interesting Art Deco buildings in Asheville. In particular, the S & W Cafeteria building is a significant presence, adjacent to Pritchard Park. I studied that building and others, noting common motifs. I settled on a few elements—a spiral, a zigzag, circles, and a plant-like shape—to develop into three-dimensional forms. The gecko came into the design whimsically and unintentionally as I was considering possible titles that would emphasize the Art Deco motifs. The gecko added a playful, contrasting element to the abstract forms, so I proceeded with it. While geckos are not native to Western North Carolina, the form can easily be seen as a lizard or salamander, referring to Asheville’s natural surroundings.