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Sculpture cover


Ted Clausen

Korean War Memorial
8' x 60'

KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL (2002), Somerville, MA Granite, bronze. Budget: $100,000.00. Commissioned by City Of Somerville, MA. Behind the entrance stone, its top carved with the shape of the current border between north and south Korea a 53 foot diameter semicircle of quotes from local Veterans chronologically describes the War’s history. The quotes are visually woven with the names of local fatalities, and with bronze casts of soldier’s everyday equipment (helmet, shovel, ration cans, web belt). Quotations relating the Veteran experience in general complete the memorial on the inner side of the entrance wall. “No, none of us got medals. But we know what we did. We are proud.” “It’s not possible to describe the prison camp. You don’t want to know”.