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Sculpture cover


Ted Clausen

Montgomery County First Responders Memorial
4 x 80'

PUBLIC SAFETY MEMORIAL: Montgomery Count, MD, Public Safety Officers Memorial, Gaithersburg, MD 2012 ($450,000.00) Stone On the edge of an lake, each of the countyís five public safety departments has its own stone, sited in a star shape pattern. One side of each stone contains quotes from that departmentís own members describing their work. The other side contains quotes from citizens who have been served by that department. The top of each stone contains the names of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, with a line describing the service they were providing when they perished. "You rely on your policing skills, on having learned from similar situations. And you have to remember that the people you are helping have probably never been through anything like this. Your service to them has to be real and present."