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Sculpture cover



Ted Clausen

Prince Hall Memorial
6' x6'

PRINCE HALL MEMORIAL, Cambridge, MA (2011), granite Budget $100,000.00 The mirror polished inner face of the African quarried stones present quotes from Prince Hall’s own writings. The words “Your friend & brother Prince Hall” are etched in handwriting based on Prince Hall’s own script. The outward-facing matte finish surfaces of the present an overview of the biography of Prince Hall, surrounded by quotes from African-American leaders of the Revolutionary period. The curves at the tops of the stones are reminiscent of those found on many gravestones from the period. . . . give the right hand of affection and fellowship to whom it justly belongs; let their colour or complexion be what it will, let their nation be what it may, for they are your brethren and it is your indispensable duty so to do . . .1797