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Sculpture cover


Sally Kidall

In The Bag: when is enough enough?
March 2016
70 meters long
Fabricated Steel

Commission by Leichhardt Council. Materials: nylon fabric, steel frame, indigenous plants, timber chairs, flower pots. This environmental installation explores contemporary interpretations of commemorative monuments and occupies the full length of the old Lilyfield Road Bridge; until recently it was a major access route into central Sydney, Australia. Eleven giant transparent fabric bags stand in an upright and orderly line. Each bag protecting a timber chair reclaimed from street-side waste and supports a locally grown indigenous plant. They stand reminiscent to a row of advertising billboards and in contrast their concept plays with and explores issues of illegal dumping of household products. This is an increasingly serious urban and rural problem and symptomatic of society’s addiction to over consumption and materialism. This monumental art installation attempts to address these issues through raising awareness and conversations regarding the causes and stimulus for curb-side dumping.