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Sculpture cover


Brittany Søndberg

Crystal & Ink
3' x 8' x 4' variable

For a small group exhibition, "After, The Girl Made of Butter", at Brooklyn's Southfirst Gallery, I was prompted by Janine Antoni, to read and respond to Luce Irigaray's "Elemental Passions" and "The Girl Made of Butter", a Bahamian Folktale, both of which inform Antoni, in her work. This work was created in response specifically to a passage from "Elemental Passions". My body of work from this exhibition contains symbolic ornamental forms, shadow and specific colors to explore transitions between childhood and motherhood and the varying roles I play as a woman. The full title of this one in particular is Crystal & Ink (wife-mother & man-child). The forms are derived from Irigaray's language describing the roles in a domestic relationship, where the wife also fills in as the nurturing mother figure to the husband and in this position she is like crystal. Irigaray describes the man, when needing consolation, as helpless and having blackened tears of ink. This sculpture symbolically captures the mobile position of the woman as tethered to the man, who is unmoored and blindly searching for protection.