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Sculpture cover


Tallur LN

veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered)
2500X600X 800 cm

Conquest is a basic human characteristic. What Julius Caesar said in 47BC was repeated by Napoleon Bonaparte in 18th Century. Conquests happen at all levels. At a macro level, history of mankind is full of conquering of the lands, its beings, its possessions… At a micro level, it is an attempt to conquer death, hunger, health, ageing… List of this human greed is endless. Hatha Yoga is the Yoga (union) of Ham (vital life force) and Tham (mental force). Hatha Yoga teaches how to conquer hunger, thirst, and sleep; how to overcome the effects of heat and cold; how to gain perfect health and cure disease without using drugs; how to arrest the untimely decay of the body resulting from the waste of vital energy; how to preserve youth even at a age of one hundred; without having a single hair turn grey, and how thus to prolong life in this body for an indefinite period with this extremes. Around 200 years ago, missionaries from the Basel Mission travelled 50,000 kilometres to start a tile factory in the coastal town of Mangalore in Karnataka. The idea was to provide jobs for the people they have converted. Later, during British rule, after the world war 2 this Basel Mission tiles Factory became Commonwealth Tiles Factory. Around the same time, British officers in Mumbai wanted to have an ethnological collection at their Victorian Albert Museum (presently BDL Museum). Hatha Yogi figures were made in clay there under the guidance of a British officer.