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Anita Larkin

Leaping Chair
Found objects

Review by Gina Fairley - World Sculpture News. Volume 18 2012. "Leaping Chair, a composite structure of salvaged chair elements and a lone crutch that reached wall -to wall like a proscenium arch framing this exhibition. The chair and the crutch are both mechanisms of support; Larkin used the built fabric of the building offset against human scale to prey on physical vulnerability and that flutter between strength and fragility. It was an abstraction literally drawn in space, its linear construction created an energy that physically surged up and over the viewer, making contact on the opposing wall with a 'skid of rubber'; a wheel completed the sculpture rolling and pinning it into place with a drawn smudge on the gallery wall, not unlike an airplanes articulation." excerpt from a review by Gina Fairley - World Sculpture News. Volume 18 2012