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Photo Credit: Heinz working with Angie Sekoyra to show her different techniques in coloring metal through heat.
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The International Sculpture Center (ISC) currently supports artists with three residency programs: art-st-urban in Switzerland, Student Award winners at Grounds For Sculpture, and Mana Contemporary. The ISC established residency programs as a way to expand on programming and provide members an additional opportunity to work with fellow artists in a studio environment.

The ISC is thrilled about its ever growing residency programs as just one of the many exciting benefits for our members. To learn more about our residencies contact, 609-689-1051 ext 312. To become a member and explore your opportunities contact, 609-689-1051 ext 301


Art-St-Urban Residency

ISC Residency @ art-st-urban includes:
  • 6 week Sculpture Residency in Switzerland
  • 1-2 Outstanding Student Award recipients to work side-by-side with world-renowned sculptor Heinz Aeschlimann, and his wife Gertrud, an art advocate, collector and art patron, in an amazing inter-cultural experience.
  • Free intensive and individual workshop and work program over several weeks, all costs, as travelling and living are included, as well fully equipped studios and guestrooms.
  • A lively experience of a new cultural and living environment in addition to the artistic training
  • These experiences aim to have an enduring positive and creative influence on the future artistic creation of the young artists
  • Residents will be featured in Sculpture, and re:sculpt, the ISC Blog.
  • Recipients will be chosen from current year's Outstanding student achievement winners
Dates for ISC Residencies at art-st-urban: 2017's winner - May 23rd- July 9th

2018 Student Award winner recipient -TBD For more information on art-st-urban click here

Click here for more information on the Student Awards.

Cassidy Frye - May 23rd- July 9th
ISC's most current recipient is Cassidy Frye from 2017's Student Award winners. Check out her blog posts while in residence. See more information about her here.

Brittany Sievers & Zhang Xiaoying
Angie Seykora
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Luke Achterberg
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Richard Loring
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Jordon Griska
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Bernadette Birzer
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Rory Burke

Jonathan Pelletterie
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Crystal Schenk
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Sam Ekwutzel
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Margaret Carlson
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Kristin Desiderio
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Drew Goerlitz
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