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Sculpture cover


Daniel Feinberg
University of Iowa
Faculty Sponsor: Isabel Barbuzza

Deployment: The Plight of Ought Performance #1
modified 1986 Pontiac Fiero GT, steel, bottle jacks, white bubble gum balls, ball bearings, cement, air bag, compressed air tank, ratchets, airline cable, various hardware, Plexiglas
dimensions variable

Artist Statement

Gottfried Leibniz famously argued that the actual world—the world we inhabit—is the best of all possible worlds. Other worlds, however, can be a valuable tool in understanding our reality. Combining sculpture, performance, and film (disdaining “movie magic”), I present viewers with alternative worlds that are maybe not so different from our own. The conclusion that the possible is the actual will, I hope, move viewers past dismissal of my world and toward engagement with it.