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For 6 - 8 weeks, under the direction of Heinz Aeschlimann, the young artists explore new materials and techniques such as construction and building materials within a prescribed program and accompanying work and timeframes in order to then artistically work and shape these materials on their own. The highly personal contact and stay in the private environment of Heinz and Gertrud Aeschlimann and art-st-urban, the close coaching, the influences and habits of the new environment here in Switzerland as well as the personality of Heinz Aeschlimann as a model and his requirements profile to the young artists all contribute to ensuring that the fellows also pass through a kind of "school of life". Experience has shown that this time leaves a deep impression on these young people; what they learn in the process has real value for them as young artists and for their personal, private lives.

The ISC is grateful to Heinz and Gertrud Aeschlimann for their generous support of this program.

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