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Sculpture cover


Nicholas Cox
University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR
Faculty Sponsor: Bethany Springer

Look at me look at me
Plywood, Drum Hardware, Pink Paint, Carpet
13" Diameter x 8' circumference Drum, resting 4' high, on a 5' Diameter Carpet

Artist Statement

I place viewers in sculptural situations that critique the difference between realism and escapism. My objects, performances, and video installations pose paradoxical relationships, including authentic artifice, misled mindfulness, and trivial transcendence. Under faux finishes, used drums, road cases, microphones, and old shoes combine with bricks, mortar, scrap wood, and steel. My approach to experiential art arises from a love of musical performance and its creative collaboration. Challenges keep the body in a state of heightened urgency; I use that urgency, to promote laughter and introspection.