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Sculpture cover


Shane Darwent
University of Michigan, Ypsilanti, MI
Faculty Sponsor: Robert Platt

Taco bel Grotto
Dryvit Technology (stucco), wood, paint, bollards, hose, submersible pump, water, lava rocks, milk crate, dog bowl, incandescent light
11' x 4' x 11'

Artist Statement

My practice mines the suburban vernacular for significance. Using generic stucco, pea gravel, and vinyl siding, I study how we organize our surroundings into curated, hyperreal gardens. Playing between celebration and critique, I have grafted a sacred grotto onto a fast-food fa¸ade, hand-crafted a landscape from processed stone, and transformed vinyl siding into a monolith. As an artist, I am not bound by the same pursuit of efficiency that dictates mass-produced environments; instead, I can pursue new relationships, renegotiating what we accept in our surroundings.